Deep Learning Robotics is a technology company specializing in robotics, computer vision and machine learning. We’ve developed a unique vision-based robotic controller that uses advanced machine learning algorithms to enable robots to learn and replicate tasks by observing humans performing them. The state-of-the-art learning process, based on our patented technology, creates automation opportunities that would be impossible using traditional robotic devices.

The Team

Carlos Benaim, Founder & CEO

20 years of experience managing multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural technology development teams. Prior to founding Robologics in 2012 and Deep Learning Robotics in 2015, he served for almost 10 years as VP IT at Quark Pharma (QBI). He sits on the board of the MIT Enterprise Forum and the Israeli Robotics Association. He earned an MSc in Technology Management from MIT.

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Vision,Mission and Values

Our vision

One Robot for Every Human (OREH)

Whether at work or at home, a robotic assistant will help individuals interact with the physical world and reduce their involvement in a variety of physical activities that today consume a lot of their time. This will free up much more time for humans to think and create, which will translate into great benefits for business and society. It will also open the door to a new economy where robots interact with humans and with other robots in order to constantly improve their performance and add value in the tasks they assume.

Our mission

Deep Learning Robotics’ mission is to maximize each individual's intellectual and physical potential by developing and making widely available smart robotics solutions that enable robots to quickly learn and perform tasks that humans easily teach them. We aim to significantly improve our clients' global competitiveness by providing them with robotics solutions that leverage our next-generation learning, self-improving smart robotics technology.

Our values

At Deep Learning Robotics, we understand the benefits of combining innovation and entrepreneurship with rigorous project management practices and discipline. We believe in the power of collaboration between experienced professionals and enthusiastic, passionate entrepreneurs, and in developing our potential and that of our customers through technology and innovation. We strive for quality and believe anything can be improved upon.