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Warehouse Robot


Quality Control/Assurance

Quality Control, Redefined

Quality control and assurance are vital processes in ensuring that products meet the necessary standards and are fit for consumption. However, traditional methods of QC/QA can be time-consuming and prone to human error. This can lead to potential issues with product compliance and reduced efficiency in production lines.




DLRob's Intelligent QC/QA Automation

DLRob offers a smart approach to quality control and assurance through its ability to autonomously detect anomalies in production lines.


The system observes the production line and learns the normal distributions of visual and physical features, such as color and dimensions, of compliant objects. Non-compliant objects can then be easily detected and extracted from the line by DLRob's control of a robot or other device.


With the ability for the end-user to intuitively change the detection thresholds, DLRob adapts to the realities of production batches in real-time, offering a more efficient and effective solution to traditional QC/QA methods.

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