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Warehouse Robot



The Difficulty of Handling Objects

Handling objects from one station to another or from one machine to another is a common task in various industries. However, this manual handling process is time-consuming and prone to human error, leading to decreased efficiency and productivity.


The traditional technologies are limited in their ability to automate these tasks effectively with robotics, making it challenging to address the growing demand for automation in these industries.



Streamline Your Handling Process

DLRob provides a smart approach to automating the handling process, offering a unique capability to automate tasks on the spot by observing the end-user performing it.


With DLRob, there is no need for engineers to program robots to perform the task - the end-user can simply demonstrate the task in front of DLRob's sensors and the robot will learn and replicate the task with little to no human intervention.


This technology is essential in addressing the increasing demand for automation in the handling process and optimizing efficiency and productivity.

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